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Ten steps to social customer experience success

Who’s looking after your brand? That’s a big question in the transparent and connected world that we live in where social networks have changed ‘word of mouth’ into ‘hyper word of mouth’.

Prior to the mass adoption of the conversational web, the brand guardians probably sat in your marketing team, and perhaps a lead agency. Adherence to the brand guidelines was top of their mind.

We believe your brand curators now have to sit across your entire business, wherever there is contact with customers. While we are in a period of transition to that point, exemplified by a company like Zappos, it is existing customer service teams that are on the ‘frontline’ when it comes to delivering customer experience through social media.

To get a first hand account of the successes, failures, day-to-day challenges and hopes of these teams Headstream conducted a piece of research – “Ten steps to social customer experience success – a report from the frontline.”

Through a series of interviews and workshops in the second half of 2011 we gathered ten key insights that we hope you will find useful as your brand meets the demands of the social customer.

A massive ‘thank-you’ to British Telecom, Jobsite, and Skandia who put forward customer service teams to help us with this project. They gave us permission to ask in-depth questions about the internal structures, team behaviours, technologies, processes and metrics that they use to deliver customer experience. We salute them for their transparency.

We’d love to know your thoughts on the insights within the report, and where you see the future of customer experience in the social age.

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